BAS TIMMER is a Dutch brand, officially founded in 2012 and based in Enschede, the Netherlands. The collections present a different take on everyday t-shirts and sweaters, derived from a cultural approach towards fashion design. During the construction process, local fabrics are combined with cultural influences to create a unique mix.

All forms and patterns that are used on the garments of BAS TIMMER are experimental and contemporary. The process of discovery is inspired by nature, animals, psychedelic influences, aboriginals, native Americans, Asian folks and other exotic cultures. Inspiration lies in all aspects the world has to offer, from sunbeam to lightning, and from a blade of grass to an overwhelming jungle.

In the early days, the collections existed of tailor-made sweaters with colorful designs. These signature sweaters were defined by a scarf attached to the sweater. The recent collections focus on sweaters with a round neck and are enhanced by vests and jackets. Obviously all still recognizable by the striking colors and foreign shapes and patterns.


Bas Timmer was born in the city of Enschede, the Netherlands. After he went to school at ROC de Maere in his hometown, he studied both Fashion Design and Fine Art at ArtEZ. Ever since, he has developed a strong preference for implementing cultural influences in his designs.

Since the beginning of his career Bas has frequently been invited to and participated in festivals, markets and contests such as Green Vibrations, Have a Nice Day, Freshtival, Fantasy Island, Night of the Fashion, Queensday and Art at the Park Enschede. For a contest of the local football club, FC Twente, Bas designed one of his shawl-sweaters specially for the occasion, so the wearer can cheer and wave with the shawl during a match. Furthermore, the collection Stefany June by BAS TIMMER had been made in collaboration with Stefany June, a German singer/songwriter.

You can find garments of Bas in different stores in the Netherlands, for example Nivo (Enschede), the Upperside (Enschede), Smokeys (Enschede) and Fake Unikorn (Hilversum).

Between designing new collections and traveling the world, Bas keeps himself occupied with listening all sorts of music, from soul to electronic music. In his spare time he helps his dad making wooden furniture at his workshop. From time to time Bas loves to create visual arts and beside that, he enjoys the company of his friends.